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Automate your wholesale business with Mikata’s next-gen platform.
Simple and powerful.

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Built for small-medium Brands, Distributers and Wholesalers

Simple to onboard.
Intuitive to use.

No technical skills are needed. Equip your team to with a cutting-edge sales solution. Unmatched simplicity and efficiency.

Eliminate manual hassle. Optimize B2B workflows.

Say goodbye to offline spreadsheets! Stop wasting time on manual work and errors. Streamline your B2B sales and payments processes.

Elevate your customers experience at scale.

Get exactly what your buyers need to have a frictionless purchase experience. Intuitive ordering process and seamless checkout.

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Mikata makes wholesale simple

Designed to be the easiest solution for you and your buyers

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A complete wholesale solution
right out-of-the-box

All the functionalities your B2B business needs in one simplified platform

Sales reps

Get more done! Boost your sales team’s efficiency to the next level with the right digital tools – without sacrificing personal touch.

Buyers portal

Empower your customers with an online self-service ordering portal, open 24/7, so they can place orders whenever fits them best!


Digitize B2B payment collection processes with a secure checkout that simplifies transactions for you and your buyers.

Launch your B2B eCommerce solution by yourself!

The first ever wholesale platform that’s so easy to use even a team of 1 can quickly get it up and running.

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our team will be there for you

It’s free and we are here to walk you through whenever needed


Wholesale refers to the sale of goods to retailers or other businesses, typically in large quantities and at a discounted price. This business model allows wholesalers to purchase products directly from manufacturers or distributors in bulk, enabling them to negotiate lower prices per unit.

B2B eCommerce leverages digital solution to streamline wholesale business transactions, enhancing efficiency, connectivity, and fostering innovation in the commercial landscape.

B2B eCommerce involves transactions between businesses, focusing more on bulk purchases, individual pricing, and specialized features tailored to business needs. B2C on the other hand targets individual consumers.

Mikata can be easily integrated with other essential tools and platforms used in the eCommerce ecosystem, such as ERP systems, accounting software, marketing automation, and other B2C eCommerce solutions. This ensures seamless data flow between different systems, removing manual data entry and improving business efficiency data accuracy.

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