Share personalized catalogs.
Drive engagements.
Get orders paid.

Personalized customer experience is made super easy with Mikata. In just a few clicks, deliver to each of your customers an intuitive personalized ordering portal with a seamless checkout tailored to your B2B needs.

Mikata Payments


Set & share personalized catalogs

Each of your customers has it’s own requirements, whether interested in a subset of your products that are relevant to him or a high volume of specific products. You control personally how each of the catalogs looks like and what the terms are.

Mikata Customers


Your customers get a tailor-made order experience

Your customers simply get a link, and with just a single click to login (no signup required), they view their personalized catalog and can easily place orders anytime.


Simply get orders and payments

Our checkout is tailored for wholesale. All the settings your business needs are already there – Let your customers pay with their convenient payment method, choose which shipping methods to enable and who is allowed pay later. You can also offer your customers net terms while you get paid from us upfront.

Mikata Payments

Built from the ground up for wholesale

Import & Export

Effortlessly import contacts or products from any csv/xls file with our field mapping tool. You can also import products directly from Shopify.

Last visit

Track which of your customers visited the catalog and when. Help them complete orders in real time and grow your revenue.

Pre-made profiles

Create personalized catalogs in seconds by attaching pre-made catalogs with price lists, categories, shipping, and billing terms for your customers.

Catalog blast

Share personalized catalogs with multiple customers at once, save hours and provide an amazing experience for your customers.

Mikata Editor

Our innovative editor allows you to edit multiple products at once, like spreadsheet on steroids.

B2B Catalog viewer

Our catalog viewer allows you and your customers to easily navigate, discover and also add products to cart in one page.

Built From Ground Up
For wholesale

We’ve built Mikata to make business simple for you and delightful for your customers. Streamlining your sales process and eliminating manual workflows are just a few clicks always.

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