Welcome to mikata.cloud operated by Mikata Ltd. (“Mikata”).Mikata is committed to providing equal opportunities to people with disabilities. We have invested efforts an effort to design and adapt our website to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium, at Level AA.

Actions Taken to meet the Accessibility Guidelines

  1. Resize font (increase/decrease)
  2. Grayscale
  3. Negative Contrast
  4. High Contrast
  5. Light Background
  6. Links Underline
  7. Readable Font
  8. Link to Sitemap / Feedback / Help pages
  9. Accessibility Features:
  10. Enable skip to content
  11. Add outline focus for focusable elements
  12. Remove the target attribute from links
  13. Add landmark roles to all links
  14. Customizer for style adjustment

How Can I use the Accessibility Add-ons?

Accessibility features are allowed with the floating tool on the middle-right of your screen. 

Mikata’s Accessibility Coordinator

Our Accessibility Coordinator is available through the following channels:
Yigal Alon 114, Tel Aviv, Israel
[email protected]

You may contact our Accessibility Coordinator with notifications of accessibility adjustments that are missing on the website and with requests for additional accessibility adjustments.
We will review and consider these requests.

The Accessibility Statement last updated: 19  September 2022.

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