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Operating in the B2B Commerce world means dealing with other businesses, which requires a different way of handling payments compared to selling to individual consumers (B2C). Making B2B payment processes smooth is crucial for keeping your customers happy, but it’s definitely not an easy task.

Addressing the B2B Payments Friction

Recent industry trends show a growing demand for flexible payment options and faster checkout experience in B2B eCommerce. Buyers are increasingly seeking streamlined payment processes to enhance their purchasing experience and improve overall efficiency in their operations. This underscores the importance for businesses to prioritize the optimization of their payment solution to meet evolving customer expectations.

Therefore, if you’re operating in a B2B or wholesale capacity, it’s essential to recognize these challenges and ensure your business is equipped to deliver buyers with ideal payment options and simplified checkout. 

Streamlining Net Terms Management

Mikata offers the flexibility to set up Net Terms and Credit Limit parameters for each buyer or account. During the buyer setup process, you can precisely define their terms and credit limits, providing clarity regarding their purchasing eligibility from the start.

Additionally, Mikata simplifies digital invoicing through its integrated built-in billing system, offering the convenience of accepting payments via both Credit Cards and low-cost ACH transfers. You can also automate billing reminders to prompt buyers about upcoming payments.

Simplifying B2B Payments with Mikata

Mikata is designed for B2B eCommerce, providing a comprehensive sales and payment solution tailored to the needs of both you and your buyers. By making industry-leading technology user-friendly, Mikata empowers businesses to stay ahead in an ever-evolving commerce space. 

If you’re ready to improve your B2B eCommerce experience and align with current industry trends, let’s start the conversation today! Request a free demo from our team to see how Mikata can help streamline and elevate your B2B business.

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